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Beacon Grants


 Every Lodge is eligible to apply for a Beacon Grant—don’t miss out on this opportunity! Join in, and help your Lodge become a beacon of hope to the community.

Applications are available on the Grand Lodge website starting July 1st.

Beacon Grants are worth $2,000!

Beacon Grants give Lodges the opportunity to develop a new on-going charitable Elks-led community project. Its purpose is to raise the Lodge’s community profile, energize the membership and encourage former members to return to the Order. Beacon Grants can be used in conjunction with Gratitude and/or Promise Grants.

The Florida State Elks Association will match the $2,000 for the same program approved for the Beacon Grant once we receive word that ENF has granted it.

The Grand Lodge is looking for five main things:

  • New: Ideally, Lodges will use their Beacon Grant for the same successful, ongoing project each year. So, if your Lodge received a 2013-14 Beacon Grant, it should use a 2014-15 grant to expand the project. If your Lodge did not receive a 2013-14 Beacon Grant, it must use the Beacon Grant to start a new charitable project.

  • Ongoing: Something the Lodge is committed to—for example, monthly dinners at a soup kitchen, or an annual Veterans Stand Down activity. Beacon Grants can't be split between two projects.

  • Elks-led: Elks must be involved, and the project should be something identifiable as an Elks project.

  • Charitable: Grants must be focused on helping those in need, and addressing local issues. The project cannot benefit only the Lodge or Lodge members.

  • An Activity: Beacon Grants cannot be used for donations of funds and supplies. Elks should be actively serving the community. If people see Elks doing good things, they'll be inspired to join!


Not a Beacon Grant Project
Great Beacon Grant Projects
Dictionary Project
Youth & Elks Reading Fair
Donation to Wounded Warriors
Bi-annual Wounded Warrior outings
Little League sponsorship
Baseball clinic for at-risk youth
Purchase equipment for scouts
Partner with scouts on quarterly service projects
Donation to DARE
Monthly drug-free events for teens
Appreciation dinner for Elks who are veterans
Holiday activities for VA hospital residents



Louisiana State Legislature Increases New Orleans Hotel Occupancy Tax

The Legislature of the State of Louisiana has acted to increase the New Orleans Hotel Occupancy Tax from 13% to 14.75% effective April 1, 2014. This will affect our convention room rates and they will go from $128.56 to $130.52 per night.

Convention Attendees With ADA Transportation Needs Urged To Contact Grand Lodge

In order for the Grand Lodge to support the transportation needs of attendees with disabilities you are urged to contact the Grand Lodge if you require special assistance. Special coaches capable of kneeling to accommodate wheel chairs will be placed along the routes for those in need. If you require assistance please contact Tina or Jessica at the Grand Lodge as follows:


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Together we can do great things!

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