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Drug Awareness Program Overview

 Ordering Procedures for Drug Awareness Material

(Both Grand Lodge and State)


Literature for Drug Awareness is available to all Lodges. For proper documentation and accountability, the following ordering procedures must be followed:

ALL orders must be e-mailed to me FIRST at This will allow me to check inventory levels. Please include the items requested, what type of event they will be used for, the Lodge name and number, name of person requesting the order and where to send the material - either the Lodge or home address - No P.O. Boxes - orders cannot be sent to P.O. boxes. See menu at the left for order form.

Lodges have limits on material they can have. Grand Lodge is 1,000 pieces of literature per year with limited exceptions. State material is also going to be limited to the same amount for literature, red ribbons, bags and stickers. Other more costly items will hold different amounts. When orders are placed, I will check the amounts available and re-contact the ordering Lodge. I am working with the State Association to allow Lodges that require more than the allowable limits to be able to purchase those items from Lodge budgets for the cost of the items plus postage. Please remember that once orders are placed, you have to allow a reasonable amount of time for delivery. Grand Lodge items come thru Chicago, and the state does not carry inventories. Everything is ordered direct. When ordering, please allow enough time for the order to be processed and shipped well before your event – 2 to 3 weeks minimum and 4 to 6 weeks if possible.

All districts have an Elroy the Elk costume for their district use. New rules and procedures can be found on the menu at the left.  

If your Lodge would like to use a Drug Awareness Trailer, please complete the trailer application form and submit it to me. I will review it and if all information is complete, I will forward the request to the appropriate drug trailer manager for the trailer’s release. If there is a problem with the form information, I will contact the requesting person to correct the problem in order to get the trailer to you.

Please understand that this procedure is to keep track of the drug program’s assets and to allow us to track and run the program more efficiently.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Samuel Len Wenzel

State Chairman, Drug Awareness Education Committee