Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camp is the Florida Elks Youth Camp?

The Florida Elks Youth Camp is a recreational, outdoor camp. We are unplugged. There are no electronics used at camp for any reason. Campers spend the days participating in large-group games outside and socializing with their peers.

Is the camp gated?

Yes. The gate is locked after check-in and is not opened to the public again until checkout on Saturday.

What are the requirements for campers to attend the Florida Elks Youth Camp?

Campers must be nine through thirteen years old to attend. They must be a Florida resident or have a family member who is a Florida resident. There is one staff member for every seven campers, so they must be able to handle that ratio. They do not have to be athletes, but we mostly play sports outside. Campers also must be able to attend without electronics of any kind.

I see that FEYC is a private camp. How do I get my child sponsored?

Contact your local Elks Lodge. They will gladly put you in contact with a member who can sponsor your child. To find your local lodge, go to and enter your zip code into the lodge locator.

What checks are done on staff?

Level 2 Criminal background checks and sex offender checks are done on all staff working at the camp; this includes kitchen, maintenance, and housekeeping. Also, we conduct random alcohol and drug tests.

Why should I send my child to camp?

The camp experience allows your child to learn something new about himself or herself. This is a chance for your child to discover what it’s like to just be a kid and play. How to play games, how to laugh, and how to make friends are just a few of the opportunities he or she will have at camp.

When is check-in and check-out?

Camp starts on Sunday afternoon* and ends Saturday after breakfast.

Can my child stay for more than one session?

Yes, if available. If your child is approved for a second session, and it is consecutive, you must pick up your camper ar the end of each session. ALL campers attending 7-Day Sessions must leave at checkout on Saturday, even if they are scheduled for the next session. 14-Day Session campers do not have to be picked up in the middle of their scheduled session. We recommend that if you schedule your child for more than one session, you do not do back to back weeks. It is a repeating schedule for the campers.

What does it cost to send my child to a session at camp?

It is $220 for a 7-Day Session at camp and $440 for a 14-Day Session. There are no discounts for sending more than one child. However, if you need financial assistance, you may talk to your local Elks Lodge about available scholarships.

Where do I sign my child up for a cabin request?

You cannot sign up for a cabin request. Your child will be placed with same-aged campers. Part of the camp experience is meeting new people. You do not have to room with a friend to have a good time. However, you submit a track request. In that section of the camper application, you can add up to two names, and we will do our best to make sure they have the same schedule.

Can siblings room together?

Siblings will not be placed together. Through many, many years of camping, we have found that keeping them together is a disservice to the both of them.

What type of activies do the children to at the FL Elks Youth Camp?

The following is a list of possible activities your child might participate in at camp. Please note that not all activities are guaranteed or limited to this list. Also, alternative activities are not provided. Participation is expected in every activity at camp. Campers do not have to be experts. Many kids come to camp to learn new group activities. All activities are supervised by camp staff. There is significant sun exposure throughout the day for campers (campers are encouraged multiple times throught the day to reapply sunscreen).

  • Kickball
  • Tag Games/Capture the Flag
  • Swimming in a chlorinated pool
  • Tie-Dye and Coloring shirts (using fabric markers)
  • Volleyball
  • Canoeing/paddle boat
  • Ropes course (this involves climbing, but is not a mandatory activity)
  • Basketball
  • Slip-in-Slide
  • Football
  • Archery
  • Crafts
Where are we located?
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