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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my lodge be credited when I donate online?

Yes! Simply indicate your lodge name or number in the appropriate field.

Can a lodge donate on behalf of its' members?

Yes! Before submitting the donation, please email the list of members and the amount donated by each to, using this form. Secretaries can access detailed instructions about how to submit donations here.

Lodges may also submit a donation without member names, however, please remember that in doing this members will not be recognized.

What happens when I schedule my sustaining (monthly) gift?

There is an option on our donation form to schedule your first donation to a later date. In doing this, your card will automatically be charged every month on the day you choose. You will not be charged on the day that you set up your sustaining gift, unless you select that option. 

How do I become a sustaining donor?

To become a sustaining donor simply select the "monthly donation" option at the top of the donation form. Thank you for your generosity! 

Can a lodge become a sustaining donor?

Yes! Lodges can select to donate any amount each month. In doing so, they will be recognized in our quarterly magazine. To do this, please enter your name as the "donor" and enter the lodge's card information under the "billing" section. Don't worry, the gift will be attached to the lodge's record, not yours. You may also email to confirm.

When are gifts processed?

Your card will be charged the same day, unless you have scheduled a monthly gift for a later date. Gifts received through our online donation form will be recorded to your record at the end of each month, assuming your card has been charged.

Sustaining Donors: If you chose to schedule your first sustaining gift to a later date, your gift will be processed to your record on the month your card is charged, not the date you sign up. Therefore, please keep in mind that our Sustaining Donor Report (published monthly) reflects only actual charges, not sign ups.

How are gifts processed?

We process all online gifts on the last day of each month. At that time, your record and your lodge will be credited.

How do I change my credit card information on my sustaining gift?

Click here to change any information pertaining to your sustaining gift.

How do I change the amount of my sustaining gift?

Click here to change any information pertaining to your sustaining gift.

Can I donate to just one major project (Florida Elks Youth Camp or Florida Elks Children's Therapy Services)?

Yes! Simply write that in the Lodge information field. Your gift will be processed through the Harry-Anna Investment Fund to your other fund of choice.


If your question is not answered here, please contact Rachel at