Training & Education

This resource center is designed to enhance the new member Orientation process, provide District Chairs and Local Lodges with guidelines for conducting an Orientation session and provide a central resource for tools and information. From this page, the District Orientation Committee Chairs and Local Lodges will be able to access the Orientation Review Checklist, permit the District Chairs to enter the checklist data directly on line and view the scores. In addition we will provide information on the "Best Lodge Orientation Award" program, add help screens, develop an Orientation Resource Library and deposit other Orientation Committee information in the future.



Orientation Awards Program Criteria - Each year at the FSEA Annual Convention, the top three Lodges with the best Orientation program will be recognized with an award. Selection will be based on three key areas with the decision of the FSEA Chairman considered final: 

  1. The highest scores achieved on the District Orientation Chairman's Checklist during the course of his or her visit to the Lodge.
  2. The Lodge must have achieved 100% Orientation quarterly reporting for all four quarters.
  3. In the event of a tie, the State Orientation Chairman will implement additional criteria to break the tie. 

Orientation Resources Library and Other Information - See Orientation menu links for more information.

Orientation Support Material - Click on the menu bar links below to access supporting material covering the Trust Fund, Children's Therapy Services, Youth Camp, Youth Scholarships, and information on our work with Veterans and deployed Military. This info is a valuable resource for use during your Lodge's orientation sessions to help communicate to our members all of the great work that we do.