FSEA Scrapbook Contest

All Lodges are encouraged to enter the “New” FSEA Lodge Digital Scrapbook Contest sponsored by the Florida State Elks Association Lodge Activities Committee. Each Lodge should appoint a committee to give them plenty of time to gather the material needed for your entry and to complete your Digital Scrapbook. Elk members across the country promote activities in their communities on a daily basis. These activities, and the community services we provide, are at the very heart of our organization. Grand Lodge programs such as the Elks Hoop Shoot Contest, Most Valuable Student Scholarship Awards, Drug Awareness Education programs and the work of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission are just a few of the community service programs sponsored by Elk Lodges.

The strength of our community image is dependent, not on what we know, but what the residents of our communities know about the activities we support. We must inform our communities of what we do. Spreading the knowledge of the work performed by the members of your Lodge will help you achieve a strong community image. This, in turn, will ultimately earn your Lodge support and respect in your community. In addition, the youth of the communities who are touched by the works of our Order will become our membership base of the future. For these reasons, your Lodge is encouraged to fully publicize all Grand Lodge, State Association, and community service programs throughout your local area. You can be that Beacon of Hope in the community.

Judging will be based on Content Design, Layout, Photo Quality, the overall Lodge Image portrayed, easily readable, well organized, and informative. Report on the activities of your Lodge, using pictures as well as commentary that stimulate Members to actively participate in your Lodge Activities.

To Enter the Lodge Digital Scrapbook Contest:

The Lodge Digital Scrapbooks cannot be professionally created; a member of your Lodge must be the designer.

Each Digital Scrapbook must be 8 Inches by 11 Inches “Landscape” or 11 Inches by 8 Inches “Portrait”. PowerPoint, Word, or Photo program may be used for this purpose as long as a professional does not do

Title Page (1st Page) must include your Lodge Name and Number, along with the Title and the name of the creator of your Digital Scrapbook.

The Digital Scrapbook should include commentary along with the photos throughout your entry. Entries should be submitted with an online link to the Digital Scrapbook or with a thumb drive.

Each entry should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes

Have your Lodge Secretary certify in writing the number of members in your Lodge as of March 31, 2023, the Certification Letter must be included and emailed to the Vice‐Chairman for Lodge Activities so that your entry will be judged in the appropriate division.

Judging will be based on:

  1. Content: 0‐100 points
  2. Layout & typography: 0‐50 points
  3. Pictorial: 0‐25 points
  4. General: 0‐25 points

Click here for images and more from our Resource Center

Click here for FREE Powerpoint templates

The top entries in each division will be displayed at the State Convention in May 2024. This will give each winning entries credit for entering the contest. Winning Lodges of each division will be contacted upon completion of judging, and before the entry is shown.

Submit your entries no later than March 15, 2024 to:

Stuart Howitt, State Chair Lodge Activities
4015 W Palm Aire Dr,   Apt 1003
Pompano Beach Fl 33309


Digital Scrapbooks submitted will be retained until displayed at the State Convention in May 2024.

Please pick up your Lodge Digital Scrapbook at the State Convention before departing Orlando.

Please contact me for any additional information.

Stuart Howitt
State Chair Lodge Activities