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The families of Florida active-duty military personnel, military reservists, Coast Guard, National Guard and/or their dependents are eligible. Active-duty members stationed in Florida with their dependents qualify as Florida residents.

Since its inception, the Army of Hope has raised and distributed over $1,000,000 for families of deployed military members. The help you give through the Florida Elks’ Army of Hope allows the military members to safely concentrate on their duties without worrying about their families at home. The Army of Hope also assists returning veterans with costs to re-establish their civilian life after deployment.

VetLetter SM Examples of assistance include:

  • School lunches
  • Medical and dental emergencies not covered by insurance
  • Minor home repairs (plumbing, painting, etc.)
  • Auto repairs or transportation when needed
  • Full-time or backup babysitting
  • Phone cards to contact loved ones
  • Lawn mowing, landscaping, sprinkler repairs
  • A/C and major appliance repairs
  • Clothing and shoes

In 2009, the Army of Hope began bringing dependent children of deployed military personnel to the Florida Elks Youth Camp. It has been a great opportunity for the kids to relax with their peers and enjoy the camp.

Individual aid requests may be made by submitting a completed assistance request form to your local Elks lodge. The lodge will review the request and submit it to the District Veterans’ Services Chairman. The District Chairman will then submit the request for final approval to the Army of Hope Committee.

The time to process an application for aid may take as long as four weeks. Emergency requests may be expedited at the request of a local lodge.


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