Accident Prevention

Each year, we receive a number of claims involving slips and falls in Lodge restrooms caused by water on the floor (people washing their hands, leaking pipes, leaking toilets, etc.),

which is frequently the contention of persons presenting the claim. To avoid these real (or imagined) claims, a Lodge should:

1. Conduct inspections at reasonably scheduled intervals to make help ensure there is no water on the floors or any other hazard that could case someone to slip and fall.
2. Make sure that Lodge restrooms have adequate lighting.
3. Make sure that all Lodge restrooms are in good condition; prominently display “Out of Order” signs and prevent access when/where appropriate.
4. Consider having a service agreement with a qualified plumber who agrees to provide expedited service when issues arise. It is likely that a plumber who agrees to do this will do so without any charge other than for actual work done.

These claims can certainly be avoided if a Lodge inspects restrooms on a regular basis during normal hours of operation to ensure conditions are safe.