Accident Prevention

The Order’s record, with reference to alcohol related claims is a good one and continues to improve, but all Lodges must remain vigilant.

One mistake, one neglectful officer or employee can cause great damage to the Order.

Each Lodge must constantly review its procedures related to the service of alcohol. Here are some major points:

  • Servers, employees and volunteers must be trained. While we recommend that they receive formal training, it is a requirement in some states.
  • Servers must refuse service to anyone who is even approaching intoxication, including any officers.
  • Patrons must never be allowed to serve themselves (i.e. never have an open service keg).
  • Servers must never drink on the job or after their shift is over.
  • All applicable liquor related laws must be complied with.
  • All Lodges might attempt to include alcohol use by members in the Drug Awareness Program.