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State President

Joe Cooper

To all Members of the great Florida State Elks Association,

Allie and I are looking forward to a fantastic year for Florida Elkdom!  My motto this year is “Florida Elks Shine Bright”!  With your participation, pride and positivity, all of us can Shine Bright in our Lodges, in our communities, and in our State (the Sunshine State!).  As Florida Elks, through our two state projects, the Florida Elks Children’s Therapy Service and the Florida Elks Youth Camp, we have much to be proud of. It’s amazing to see how many people the FSEA assists, and there is still more that we can do to continue to Shine Bright.

Allie and I are honored to represent the Florida State Elks Association as State President and First Lady for the 2023-2024 year.  We thank Past State President Danny Tabor and Rachel for their guidance and support, and we wish them nothing but health and happiness.  We are looking forward traveling around the state with Vice President at Large, Russ Smith and Denise, as we encourage our Lodges to grow their Membership and strengthen their programs. Our goal is to help you make your lodges a Beacon that Shines Bright for all to see!

As Florida Elks, you are part of an exceptional State Association, and I encourage you to take advantage of the many resources available.  These resources can be accessed on the FSEA website, where you can find information and support for Business Practices, Elks Training and Education, Membership Growth Ideas with our “Membership Development Guide”, Lodge Contests, Drug Awareness Program Materials, Supplies, forms, and Reference materials.  Be sure to register and check out the Member Resources page at!  Once you are registered, you can stay up to date with all the happenings around the state, upcoming State functions, and updates from our FSEA Office!  Additionally, our two major state projects are excellent resources that are available to you and your community.  There is no better felling than when you can help a child through our Florida Elks Youth Camp or our Florida Elks Childrens Therapy Services program.   Remember, you can always leverage our most valuable human resources - your state officers, state committee members, and your local district leaders.   I know for a fact that they all stand ready to guide and enable all our members to Shine Bright. United, we can illuminate our state, so I encourage you to “Get Your Shine On!”

This year, I would like everyone to focus on helping to grow our membership, paying attention to retention of our current members. As Elks, we do so much good for our communities and that work is both amplified and made easier with more hands.   I ask you as your State President, help us generate donations through our Harry Anna Trust Fund and through the Elks National Foundation. Your donations help empower the great programs we have at our State and National levels.  I implore you to recognize and thank those who volunteer their time to make their lodges and our programs as great as they are.  We have many members that Shine Bright and we need to let them know we see them!   Let’s continue to honor our Veterans and First responders by remembering and saluting those who serve so that we may prosper.  And lastly, let’s be proud of who we are. Let’s be willing to work hard and put forth a clear image of the Elks and what we stand for. Let us all, as Florida Elks, Shine Bright and show everyone we are the premier Patriotic and Charitable Benevolent Organization.  The Elks are a long-standing Fraternal Organization who strive to help the less fortunate. Let us not forget those who have worked so hard to lay the foundation and the framework for what is now OURS to maintain and build on. Make certain that when the sun sets, you can look in the mirror and say confidently, “This Order is better because I was here.”

Allie and I look forward spreading the word of Elkdom with Vice President at Large Russ and Denise and by remembering our motto; “Florida Elks Shine Bright” we can continue to help those less fortunate. We look forward to seeing all of you in our travels, and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Joseph C. "Joe" Cooper

State President, 2023-2024
Florida State Elks Association